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Although we are blessed to still have so many trees here in the West Bloomfield area, we want to ensure that your gutters don’t get clogged with all the seasonal debris that is part of nature. We have invested in state-of-the-art gutter cleaning technology to help us provide that service to you. We have a high-horsepower vacuuming system with a lengthy extension pole and hose to get us up into your gutters, so we can get the gunk out of them! You want your gutters to function properly, and we can give you peace of mind, knowing that they are clear of debris and blockages. We can check that downspouts are allowing water to run through, and we attach a camera to the vacuum to make sure we remove every piece of matter that was present. We are happy to take photos to show you “before” circumstances and “after” results. In addition, we can also provide washing of the exterior faces of your gutter sections, to keep your home looking pristine.

Benefits Of Our West Bloomfield Gutter Cleaning Services

It is best to have Spring and Fall cleanings routinely scheduled. There is debris floating and flying around through the sky at all times, and you might be surprised at how much gets stuck in the gutters! We want to ensure that your home is protected. Clogged gutters can create a range of issues, such as moisture buildup, which can lead to mold proliferation or water seeping through the roof and walls. Another risk is overflowing, which can erode garden beds below, as well as cause foundation degradation over time. In the winter, water can freeze and create ice dams, which can damage your roof, and any excess weight held by gutters may cause further dysfunction.

How many homeowners in West Bloomfield look forward to getting out their biggest ladder, setting it up, and having to reach into the wet, stinky trenches of metal that have captured half a year’s worth of aerial debris? The smell alone can make you uneasy on a ladder! Thankfully, we have found a process that makes the chore bearable, perhaps even exciting! We use our gutter vacuum system so that we can be as safe as possible, minimizing our ladder use while having the capacity to reach high gutters. And in the odd circumstance that our vacuum just isn’t an option, we find much satisfaction in getting the sloppy mess out of your gutters by hand, so you don’t have to!

Although we have a high-tech cleaning process, the concept remains steady: manually clean out your gutters, rather than installing a faulty system to avoid the unavoidable. In our experience, gutter guards are not very durable in West Bloomfield, Michigan’s climate, and cause more problems than they avoid. Over time, they get warped and may lead to build-ups that take longer to notice, because you’ve been assuming all is well. Plant matter may get stuck between guard sections, and removing that buildup can be more complex than just vacuuming or scooping it up. In order to get around the guards to fix the clog and the kinks, they often need to be completely removed, which is an intense procedure, and they are arduous to get back on in their original state. It is shocking, the number of homeowners we have had to inform of their failed gutter guards, and they often say, “We just had those put on a couple years ago!” Avoid the hassle, and just get the traditional-style cleaning. If you get on our maintenance schedule, it’ll be something you never have to worry about!

Why Choose Gutter Cleaning in West Bloomfield MI

Spring and Fall Are The Best Times To Get Your Gutters Cleaned Out

The frequency of your gutter cleanings will likely depend on how many trees are around your property. Most often, gutters get built up with leaves and twigs in the Fall, so once the majority have dropped, we can come out and remove them from your gutters so they’re functional again through the winter. The new life of Spring sheds what was held onto during the winter, so Spring is another common time you may want to get your gutters cleaned out. Some trees hold onto their dead leaves until new ones start to sprout, evergreen needles drop, and conifers release their cones. You’ll want to start the warmer, rainy season off with functional home systems, and we are here to help with your periodical cleanings.

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Frequently Asked
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No, we don’t believe in the premise of using gutter guards, as we’ve witnessed their failures too many times.

Yes, as an additional charge. We prioritize functionality, but we are happy to also make your gutters as beautiful as they can be for the overall pleasure when looking at your house.

Yes, our gutter vacuum system can reach up to 45 feet high, and we are able to use ladders in hard-to-access locations as well.

No, that is a service we are unable to provide. We specialize in cleaning only.
No. We do have a partnership with another company that we can recommend to unclog, clean, or reinstall underground gutters.
Most clogs can be taken care of within a routine gutter cleaning, and therefore we unclog downspouts up to a certain point of difficulty. However, if it turns into a laborious project, that will become a separate charge.
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