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Pressure Washing Of Exterior Flat Surfaces

Don’t allow your sidewalk and patio to succumb to staining from the elements! Although needed less frequently than other areas of your home for a cleaning, when the time comes, we can take care of your power washing needs on flat surfaces. We stay away from pressure washing of vertical surfaces to ensure we don’t damage your walls and siding. However, we are delighted to clean the algae and grime that builds up over time on many other areas, such as decks, patios, sidewalks, boulders, walkways, and porches. Dazzle your West Bloomfield neighbors with the freshness of our power washing results. Our technicians enjoy the satisfaction of cleaning off the dark, slimy accumulation of debris, and you will enjoy the popping, new look of your outdoor spaces again.

Benefits Of Our West Bloomfield Power Washing Services

The very last thing you want is someone getting hurt on your property. We can help with that! Keep your family, friends, and West Bloomfield neighbors safe and upright with clean surfaces where they walk at your home. Pressure washing gets rid of the slippery grime and muck that accumulates over time. When we remove all that, the texture of your surfaces, like wood and cement, are restored to their optimal traction control.
Many homeowners have never used a power washer before. You always have the option to borrow one from a friend, or rent one from a hardware store, but pressure washers can be dangerous to untrained users, who may be unaware of what they’re doing. High-pressure equipment could result in injury to the user, or damage to any aspect of your property, if you happen to spray the wrong thing, or not wear proper protective gear. Our technicians have been trained to wear the right gear, and only spray specific areas, and have experience in doing so. Let us deal with the procedures, and you just enjoy the results!
Many of us in the West Bloomfield area like to maintain high standards of living. Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, you just moved in, or you are simply wanting to keep up with your neighbors, we can provide the “Wow!” factor to your home aesthetics through surface washing. Many people don’t even realize how dirty their cement has gotten until we start to clean it. When the grime comes off, it’s an entirely new, bright color that is hard to stop staring at!

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Enjoy your summer while our technicians take care of this dirty project for you! Power washers can cause a lot of damage if not used properly. An inexperienced user may blow the grout out of their brick pavers, spray the paint off their deck, or even hurt themselves. Our specialized team is trained to handle your power washing needs with ease, so the results come out evenly and without causing harm. We find enjoyment in the results we create, but if you decide to tackle this project on your own, please make sure to do your research first, and wear the right protective gear!

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Scott Myers

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Amazing response time and top notch customer service from the first inquiry! Will absolutely use them again in the future and highly recommend power washing!
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Diane Roach Smith

Power Washing West Bloomfield

They are a wonderful company. Prompt clean and efficient. They do a VERY THOROUGH POWER WASHING JOB. Call them you will not be disappointed.
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Luke Zagorski

Power Washing West Bloomfield MI

Personable and great service. Would definitely use power washing again. Thank you!

Frequently Asked
Power Washing Questions

No, we avoid power washing siding. We choose to avoid possibly damaging the walls of your home with the high pressure. We have a partnership with another company that offers whole-house soft washing, and we can recommend them to you if you want to give your house a nice bath.
No, not at this time.
It is certainly better to power wash before any exterior window cleaning takes place, as spray and splashing from the pressure washing can make a mess of your windows.
We don’t use any chemicals for most of our power washing services. We use the powerful pressure from our machines to do the cleaning work for us. If chemicals are needed for your project, we are happy to discuss with you what chemicals are best. We always opt for the safest options for you, your family, your pets, and your plants.
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