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We Provide A Plethora Of Cleaning Services In Addition to Windows

Our goal in serving the people of West Bloomfield and surrounding areas is to deliver the very best window cleaning services you can find. In addition to that, we strive to provide well-rounded, deep, home cleaning solutions that you can rely on, year after year. Our additional services include, but are not limited to, hard water removal; shower door glass cleaning; mirror washing; cleaning of display cases, glass tables, shelves; and ceiling fans, dusting high-access areas, and cobweb removal; light fixture cleaning, bulb replacement; and we even wash solar panels. If you don’t see it listed, please don’t hesitate to ask! Please mention any of these items before the quote so we come prepared, or you can ask your technicians when they arrive. We are delighted to give you the ease of a highly inclusive cleaning service!

Benefits Of Our West Bloomfield Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning services of not only window surfaces, but any other areas you want us to clean, rids your home of the buildup of dust, allergens, pests, and microorganisms. Ceiling fans circulate debris throughout your house. Light fixtures can be cozy pockets for bugs to live in. You may not even notice it, but our services help to take away the smells from buildup of undesirable earthly matter. We are happy to offer our services to you with the added benefit of helping you to live in a healthier home.
More and more of us are investing in alternative energy sources, such as solar panels on our roofs. Part of these new technologies being effective is ensuring their efficiency. We can help to keep them functioning at their highest potential by washing them regularly. Outdoor buildup can cause reductions in solar energy capturing, as well as lead to damaged systems over time, which are things we want to avoid! We also want to help your solar panels remain aesthetically pleasing for their whole lifespan. This is a new service that we provide, but we want to stay on top of the modern essentials for you!
Many homes are burdened by the backsplash from sprinkler heads spraying too close to the windows, or rusty water staining your shower glass. We have solutions to remove hard water, so you can enjoy clear views once again! To be clear, it is a tedious, time-consuming task, but so many of our customers think that it is well worth it. It is one thing to have crystal clear windows, but it takes it to a whole other level when you’re used to the rusty, rainbow hue or cloudy look, and then suddenly you get to see clearly. We want to give you that luxury, whether it’s a one-time circumstance, or a common problem that you want routinely dealt with. These are the things we are here to address, so you can focus on enjoying the precious moments in life.

It's The Details That Count!

Our primary focus is ensuring that you always have crystal clear windows to look out of. Still, we want you to be able to look out and see other clean things as well! That is why we offer power washing, as well as additional cleaning services, to provide you with a full-service cleaning appointment. We strive to impart our value of a meticulous clean in as many areas of your home as our expertise allows.
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Frequently Asked
Solar Panel Cleaning Questions

We are happy to clean shower glass, including removing hard water stains. However, our technicians are limited to only cleaning glass, mirrors, or light fixtures in your bathroom.
Yes, as an additional cleaning option, we can remove cobwebs from your high spaces, including ceilings, crevasses, corners, etc. Also, on your home exterior, we can remove webs and debris from soffits, overhangs, light fixtures, and so on.
Yes. It is not included in a regular window cleaning, but for an additional charge, we are happy to clean interior glass doors.
Yes, we are happy to clean any glass in your humidor or wine cellar.
Yes. Our focus is mostly on residential, but we are happy to quote a cleaning for your office, storefront, warehouse, or factory windows.
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